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Aaron Beck and Alec Brunson Named 2022 All-Star’s for REX

Terre Haute, Ind. Sept. 30th, 2022 - A few weeks after the seasoned concluded, the Prospect League announced the award winners and the 2022 Postseason All-Stars. The REX were represented by two of the league’s most consistent players in fan favorite Aaron Beck, and for the second season in a row Alec Brunson, both were named to the Eastern Conference PL All-Star team. The all-star teams and awards are voted on by the leagues 16 field managers.

[Image credits to Brian Williams]

Aaron Beck was signed onto the REX midway through June when the REX struggled early needed a boost. Beck did just that and played in a total of 42 games over the 2022 season, he hit a .349 BA to go along with 36 RBIs and three home runs. Beck also tagged on three stolen bases, secured nine doubles, 31 total runs scored, and finished with a .409 OBP for the season. Beck finished top 10 in triples and top five in batting average for the entire Prospect League. With the success on the field from Beck, came the success and stardom off the field. If you were able to catch a game late in the season, or specifically after our kid’s camp week, you may have heard the unstoppable “C’mon Beck!” all through Bob Warn Field. Legend has it that Coach Jacob Harden still says, “C’mon Beck” to start all his classes off this year!

Alec Brunson claimed All-Star status for his second season in the row and crushed his numbers from his previous season. Brunson led the league in at-bats (237), hits (84), RBIs (59), total bases (138), and walks (39). He was second in the league in doubles (14) and home runs (12). And had the third best overall batting average at .354 while also hitting a .582 slugging percentage. Brunson’s 2021 seasons numbers stand at a .267 batting average and went for 13 doubles, hit 40 RBIs, and cranked out 13 bombs.

[Image credits to Brian Williams]

Brunson came into the season as a returning All-Star and showcased his talents to put him in top contention for Prospect League Mike Schmidt Player of the Year this season. Brunson was out beat by Alton’s Eddie King, but the year he had still won him the best personal award yet, a contract with a pro team in the United Shore Professional Baseball League.

Beck and Brunson mostly played outfield all summer for the REX, but Brunson could be seen playing 3rd base towards the end of the season to fill in the lineup. We’ll be sure to follow along as they begin their journey into their next stage in their careers, and just like they performed on the field, the REX have no doubt they will go on to succeed in all other aspects of their careers! We wish them the best of luck and as always, go REX!

Coming up next: The Prospect League Summit will be in Springfield Illinois on October 9th and October 10th! To check out other announcements and updates from the Prospect League, check their news out here.

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