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Welcome to the REX Baseball Blog!

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Hello and welcome to the REX Baseball Blog! REX Baseball is located in Terre Haute, Indiana and is a college summer team that competes in the Prospect League. The Prospect League is a premier collegiate wood bat summer baseball league that was founded in 2008. It consists of twelve teams and its players are all college eligible players. The teams are divided into the Eastern and Western Divisions. The teams in the Eastern Division are REX Baseball, the Champion City Kings, the Chillicothe Paints, the Danville Dans, the Lafayette Aviators, and the West Virginia Miners. The Western Division teams are the Cape Catfish, the DuPage Pistol Shrimp, the Hannibal Hoots, the Normal CornBelters, the Quincy Gems, and the Springfield Sliders.

A map of the 12 teams that make up the Prospect League. Photo Credit:

These teams play 60 games in just over 70 days, not including the postseason. The prospect league is important because it allows college players to prepare for the big leagues by giving them experience with a wood bat and putting them into a professional atmosphere. More than 250 former Prospect League players have been drafted or signed as Free Agents to Major League Baseball.

Who is REX Baseball? REX Baseball joined the Prospect League in 2010 and since then they have won the league championship twice. Their first championship was in 2015 and their second was this past season. REX Baseball also has a unique logo. It is a block letter capital R with a crown on top of it. Many people ask what the crown is for. The R has a crown on it because REX in Latin means King!

The Rex baseball logo that features the capital R with the crown on top.

REX Baseball may be located in Terre Haute, IN, but the organization takes pride in the fact that they represent the entire Wabash Valley, which is why their slogan is “Wabash Valley’s Own.”

REX Baseball has players from all over North America, but many of the players are from the Wabash Valley. This year there are seven players from the Wabash Valley who will be on the REX Baseball Roster. Outfielder Justin Jenkins (Terre Haute, IN) is returning for his third season with REX Baseball.

Infielder Justin Jenkins. Photo Credit:

The other local players are Pitcher Luke Lancaster (Brazil, IN), Pitcher Braydon Tucker (Brazil, IN), Outfielder Carter Bridge (West Lafayette, IN), Pitcher Colten Panaranto (Terre Haute, IN), Infielder Will Hayes (Terre Haute, IN), and Infielder Ethan Hunter (Terre Haute, IN). Stay tuned as we start our player profile series next week!

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