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Thank You REX Nation!

#REXNation, the 2019 season has come and gone. Unfortunately, the team did not make the playoffs, but they did bring a lot of wonderful memories this summer. This team broke a lot of REX records this year. They had the most doubles in an inning, the longest win streak in REX history, the most runs scored in an inning, and the biggest crowd ever to attend a REX game with over 3,000 fans in attendance! This season would not have been what it was without all of you coming out to every game and cheering your hardest for the REX!

The largest crowd in REX history with over 3,000 fans. Photo Courtesy of Nick Green.

This team was truly special. I got the opportunity to travel with the guys to Danville for the last two away games and it was clear how close this team had gotten over the summer. I heard many players say they were not ready for it to be over and were going to miss their teammates. The whole team was genuinely having fun and working their hardest to make the REX Fans proud!

As for me, thank you to everyone who has followed along with my blog this season! This was my first major blog and I hope that you enjoyed reading the words that I wrote! If I provided you with some information while also making it entertaining for you to read then I will be satisfied! So, thank you REX Nation!

A REX players walks off of Bob Warn Field for the last time during the 2019 season. Photo Credit Nick Green.

The REX Baseball organization looks forward to next season and hopes that we will see you at the ballpark! If you want to get a head start on next season make sure to call (812) 478-3817, to secure your 2020 season tickets! For one last time in the 2019 season, GO REX NATION!

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Aug 07, 2019

Such an awesome season! Great stadium, players, fun times for fans throughout the evening and meeting "new" friends! Next season can't come fast enough! Thanks to all the Rex organization for providing an outstanding baseball experience!!

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