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Welcome To The Do It For The Valley Campaign!

REX Baseball is committed to making the Wabash Valley a better place and being a part of the community. That is why we are starting the Do It For the Valley Social Media Campaign. Once a month the REX Baseball Social Media accounts will have a post or a blog about the volunteer work the staff has done in the Wabash Valley over the past year and why as an organizations we #DoItForTheValley.

REX Baseball staff members cleaning up Wabash Ave in Terre Haute. Photo Courtesy of

Starting in November, we will be posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram different volunteer experiences that the REX have done in the Wabash Valley from the past year. We want to hear what you did as well! Comment on one of the Do It ForThe Valley posts on our social media accounts with what you have done for the Valley and the hashtag #DoItForThe Valley. You will be entered to win an Adidas REX Player Hat. If you have any suggestions for how REX Baseball can get involved in the Wabash Valley please email We look forward to hearing about how you have helped out the Wabash Valley this past year!

Below is the official REX Baseball mission from REX Management and the Director of Human Resources, Jeni Wright, for why we, as an organization, do community service:

“While working with incoming staff and REX players, we found that many would love the opportunity to volunteer and help their communities but they simply didn’t know how to get involved or where to go. So in 2015, REX Baseball created a program that allows employees and players a chance to get to know Terre Haute and the community they would be living in for the next several months."
"Now, we engage our employees and players with what used to be 3 large community service projects over 12 weeks, it is now grown into 5 large community projects we complete over the course of the summer."
"These projects vary between Downtown Street clean up days, to cleaning and organizing the Children’s Museum, or taking on a project with the United Way."
"Not only do these projects help out the community, but they build and strengthen our organization with teamwork by allowing our employees and players to get to know one another better during these projects. With our players playing 60 games in 70 days each season, there is a tight window for everyone to get to know one another on the other side of operations."
"Our hope as an Organization, is that when these employees and ball players go back home, wherever that may be, that they are more comfortable with getting involved and have recognized that even the smallest efforts matter to the communities they call home.”
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